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Links and Resources

Now I love paper patterns, I really do, but some days you just really want something and you can't wait for it to arrive in the post, so the pdf epattern is perfect.  I don't currently sell epatterns at all, so instead I have the links below to each of our suppliers that also have patterns available as an epattern.

Some of the patterns we currently stock are also no longer available as a paper pattern, or are too expensive to import anymore, so those links are also available. Just click on the link or picture below and the website will open in a new tab.

Current Suppliers that stock epatterns








Angela Coffman Designs

Angela no longer does paper patterns and her designs are only available as an epattern. We stock several of her designs, under the previous Blessed Designs label,  that are also no longer in print, so once they are gone they are really gone!


Izzy and Ivy

Izzy and Ivy epatterns are available here on their Etsy store.


Patterns that will not be restocked

Simply Modest Swimwear is available as paper patterns from the designer below.  While I would love to restock these patterns, the cost of importing is way too excessive.  One pattern at current exchange rates would cost $43 just to import it!!