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Scalloped Apron

Scalloped Apron

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The Paisley Pincushion's most popular pattern by far. Comes in 4 sizes……..and because of the scissor action in the back…….there is lots of room to work and it stays up on your shoulders.

Uses 2 coordinating cotton fabrics. Reversible……and heavy enough to keep stains from going through to your good clothes.

All sizes are in one pattern.

A Ladies 42″-50″ (16-26) 2.5 yd. of 2 fabrics
B Ladies 32″-42″ (8-14) 2 yd. of 2 fabrics
C Girls 26″-32″ (6-14) 1 & 1/3 yd. of 2 fabrics
D Childs 20″-26″ (2-6) 3/4 yd. of 2 fabrics